Android Oreo will support apps that can spy on texts.

What to Expect from Android Oreo

The news of Android Oreo’s release is buzzing around the Internet. Like every other version of the Android operating system, the newest one is named after a sweet snack. Some phones, such as the Pixel and the Nexus, have already received this update or will be getting it pretty soon. For other devices, there’s a wait that could be over half a year. Everything depends on the phone manufacturer and model. Not only will Oreo be easy to use, but it will still support apps that can spy on texts. You’ll find it to be the most user-friendly iteration of Android OS yet.

Longer Battery Life

While smartphones are a great modern convenience, it’s extremely frustrating when they run out of battery. Especially when you’re nowhere near a charger. Android Oreo should slow down this process. The system has streamlined programs that run in the background, so you’ll enjoy a longer battery life.

A New Set of Emojis

If you’re looking to spy on texts, emojis are the most telling sign of a message’s intent. With the release of Android Oreo, Google has redesigned its emojis. They now look more like traditional smiley faces instead of the former, blob-like characters. This change makes it easier to illustrate your own reactions and better understand your friends’.

Blue Light Filter

Blue light can affect your sleeping habits.

The blue light from your phone can disrupt your sleep.

This new change to the Android OS actually might improve your sleeping habits. Numerous studies have been conducted to examine how blue light can affect people’s moods and disrupt their circadian rhythms. Oreo’s new “Night Light” feature allows you to alter the intensity of the blue light emitting from your phone. In addition, it’ll automatically activate at sunset.

Smart Text Features

Copying and pasting text on a computer is easy, but it’s not as simple of a task on a smartphone. Fortunately, Google has implemented “smart text” into the newest Android release. It’ll automatically recognize addresses, phone numbers, and more so you can copy and paste them accordingly. Facebook’s Messenger app has had this feature for quite some time, and it’s great to see the Android OS catch up.

Less Clutter from Notifications

If you’re like me, then you probably get stressed out when you come back to your phone and see tons of notifications clogging up the lock screen. Oreo eliminates some of that clutter by grouping notifications from the same app together with dots. This allows you to view all of your notifications in a simple, organized layout.

While you’re gearing up for this exciting smartphone release, be sure to read up on how you can spy on texts. You’ll be ready to access everything you need with Android’s new update.