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The Best Apps For Editing Photos

In the information age, everyone feels like they’re a professional photographer just because they have an Instagram and 100 people who like their pictures. The truth is, having a smartphone camera in your pocket, people to share your work with, and good photo editing apps have made people better at taking photos. In addition, there are even apps they can use to run a cell phone lookup no matter where they are. The problem, not everyone has the right training or drive to be a better photographer.

Still, using the right app is one of the best ways to reach your smartphone camera’s full potential. Even professional photographers edit almost all of their photos. All editing does is draw out a photo’s potential with light, color, and other enhancements to make it look as good as possible. That’s why I decided to list some of the best photo apps you can download on your smartphone. They’re available in the App Store, but many of them can even be used for editing photos off of a DSLR.

Top Apps For Photo Editing


The best way to make your Galaxy or iPhone’s pictures look amazing is with an app. A free one like Snapseed does the trick just fine. Snapseed takes full advantage of the touchscreen on your smartphone, so most of the editing is done by sliding your finger up or down to select a function. You can also slide left or right to adjust the amount/intensity of each setting.

My favorite way to edit photos on Snapseed is to use the HDR function, which livens them up. Then I mess with the shadows and highlights, maybe the ambiance, and I’m done. The biggest advantage of Snapseed is that it’s fast, yet still does a great job for both smartphone and DSLR photos.


Lightroom is what most professional photographers use to edit photos on the computer. The good news is that there’s an app available for smartphones as well. If you want to get started using Lightroom, using the app is a great way to do that. So you can edit your photos, do a cell phone lookup, and more, no matter what device you’re on.


Not only is VSCO a popular photosharing platform, but it’s also one of the best apps out there for editing photos. What many people like about VSCO are the filters they can use. Although you can’t include “#nofilter” in your post after you use one, they’re still incredibly handy.


Instagram users love sharing their meals online.

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for sharing photos.

While Instagram functions mainly as a social media platform, it’s also a great way for people to edit their photos. It has fairly simple and straightforward functions, but they’re the best way to learn. Instagram allows users to edit their photo’s shadows, highlights, and warmth, along with several other components. There are also a lot of good filters that you can play around with.

To become a professional photographer, you need a professional camera (usually a DSLR) and will probably need to take some classes. But to start editing photos and learn how to bring out the best in the pictures you take, you just need to use these apps! You might even want to grab a friend and practice shooting photos. Before you meet someone for a photoshoot, though, do a cell phone lookup to make sure it’s really them!