Learning About VPNs and the Best VPN Service for the Tech Dummy

Today’s highly digital world is a paradise for tech geniuses and digital fanatics. But for the non-techy person, what can this age offer? What does VPN even mean? And why do we need to get the best VPN service?

Let us explore all about this digital area in an easily understood way such that our gramps and grannies can relate.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network. Imagine having a tunnel connection from your device to others which allows you to exchange data with them in a secure and anonymous way as if you have a private network that lets you do so. This is what the VPN is.

If you think your home Wi-Fi network is the same as a VPN, think again. Your connection at home can be just as unsafe as public Wi-Fis. You still need to add more security features for your connection to keep hackers and cybercriminals at bay. And this security can be provided by a VPN.

One of the best advantages of VPN is that it provides security, functionality, and strength of a private network. Aside from this, a VPN will provide more advantages which include:

  • Avoiding censorship blocks
  • Hiding or masking your IP address
  • Concealing your location
  • No logging of browser activity
  • Accessing streaming sites like Netflix even from other countries

Even with these advantages, why would you need to learn how to hide your IP address and use a VPN service? Take note of these dangers that you are exposed to when you don’t use a VPN.

  1. Any information you send through the internet becomes public.
  2. Almost anyone can see what you’re doing, when and where you do it.
  3. You are quite vulnerable to fraud since hackers and cybercriminals can steal your private information such as passwords and bank account numbers.
  4. Others will know your identity and location and can do whatever they want with the information, such as blackmailing and meeting you.

With this knowledge about VPNs, you are surely going to use it on your connection, especially at home. But you should only use the best ones from the most credible companies.

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